ZIYA Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection

The first research and development work in inline inspection of pipelines (ILI) at Middle East region started since 1993. ILI technology along with different types of Intelligent Pig were developed.
In 2016 ZIYA OIL & GAS PIPELINE INSPECTION company (ZOGPI) established in IRAN with the aim of identifying new technologies and cooperating with reputable companies to support and supply Oil and Gas industry with their requirements. Also ZOGPI does pipeline inspection and manufacture polyurethane, cleaning & intelligent pigs in size of 8"- 56".
All departments of ZOGPI have worked in more than 6000 km pipelines inspection by intelligent pigs for 6 years with most of Oil & Gas clients in IRAN such as:

  • NIPC

Zogpi Services 

  • Cleaning pipelines
  • Inline inspection by intelligent pigs
  • Plug and isolation services
  • Integrity management system
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Pipelines Cleaning

ZOGPI with manufacture different types of cleaning pigs in size of 8"-56" and high quality polyurethane does oil and gas pipelines cleaning projects.

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Inline Inspection by Intelligent Pigs

ZOGPI by the specialist teams with the high experiences in intelligent pigging, does oil and gas pipelines inspection by intelligent pigs in size of 8"-56".

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Integrity Management System

When a pipeline is run to failure, flow of product becomes increasingly inefficient and the number of unplanned repairs escalates. More unplanned repairs means higher costs, and revenues lost through downtime.

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Plug and Isolation services

Ziya Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection company to provide possibility of oil and gas pipeline repairs provides plug and isolation services to avoid drain of fluid in size of 6"-56".

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ZOGPI Company recommends using PDM1 machine in order to neutralize the magnetic field created by Pigging.

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GIS Services

ZOGPI company with using modern and individual devices and specialists in Iran, established GIS department  to provide GIS services for self projects and present other companies .

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