ZOGPI Co. Inspects 2332 km of Trunk Pipeline in 1399


ZOGPI performed a diagnostic inspection of 19 sections of trunk pipelines with a total length of about 2.33 thousand km from 20 March 2020 to 20 March 2021 .

ZOGPI Co. Inspects Over 2.332 Thousand Km of onshore and offshore pipeline in "1399"

Over the last year (20 March 2020 – 20 March 2021), Zogpi has inspected more than 2332 km of trunk pipelines.The major work was carried out at the GAS trunk pipelines of Iranian Gas Transmission Co. (89.320 thousand Inch km onshore pipeline),  Pasargad Energy Development Co. (14.010 thousand Inch km onshore pipeline) and  Pars Oil and Gas Co. (13.824 thousand Inch km offshore pipeline).

To perform the diagnostics of the pipelines, in-line inspection tools developed and manufactured by ZOGPI were used. This equipment is based on application of various physical principles (magnetic and inspection tools were applied) and allows to comprehensively assess the pipeline condition.

Operational capacities inspection is an important requirement for improving reliability of the oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation system and a key factor in ensuring industrial and environmental safety of ZOGPI operating facilities. Based on the diagnostics results, a repair plan was formed.